Feb 23, 2009

Compliments From Customer - QueensbayMall,SgDua & Sunshine SQ

Name : Johnson Lam Age : 29 Address : No Town/City : Balik PulauPoscode : 11000  State : PenangContact No. : Email :        Restaurant : Queensbay Mall, Sg Dua, Sunshine Square
Feedback : I would like to express my satisfaction. Great Job on the recent Mc Value Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner Deals... It provides good value which certainly do attracts a lot of customers, especially with the recent low economy.
I also would like to congratulate the Mc D team in Queensbay Mall. Last year, I posted a negative feedback on the service (time and attitude). Thanks to the Mc D team who took this seriously and contacted me the next day. Improvements are definitely seen. Especially with these Lunch Deals going on... A lot of customers are lining up for the 12noon deal. And although the restaurant is packed, service is still super fast and the products are fresh !! I increase my visit to Queensbay Mc D to 2 times a week.
During these period, I also visited the Sg Dua (USM) and the Sunshine Square stores... They certainly make me feel like a valued customer.

Dear Store Managers & team,
Well done in the quick recovery & the speedy services provided. Keep up the good job & keep it going!
Best regards,Leonard M. W. WongCorporate Communications DepartmentTel : 603 7843 3388 (ext 3238)Fax : 603 7843 3389H/P : 017 691 8388

Feb 22, 2009

Compliments From Customer - Juru DT

Name : RuzailiAge : 29Address : Campbell ComplexTown/City : 98 jln dang wangiPoscode : 50100State : kuala lumpurContact No. : Email : Restaurant : mcd juru
Feedback : pada 22 feb 2009 saya pergi mcd juru pada 4.30 ptg...bila saya masuk ke dalam restorant saya rasa pekerja kat mcd tu sangat peramah mngucapkan selamat dtg dengan meriah...walaupon cust x berapa ade....saya dpt hdangan saya dgn cpat....saya ddk kt mcd shingga jam 7.00 ptg...pekerja agak sbuk wat cleaning task i think....but msih boleh mnyambut mesra cust yg dtg....ade seorg perempuan muda, pengurus saya rasa sbb dia berpakaian warna belang oren die jalan dan cek tandas dan die tolong pekerja di loby angkat tray.....dan beri sedikit arahan pd prkrja ape yang perlu di buat...kemudian die masuk ke kaunter tolong wat refill pd cust dan tolong pekerja die lyn cust kat counter...sya lihat hanya ade 2 pekerja je d hdpn mnakala cust mula msuk....ape yg saya puji...disini cra pengurus dan pekerja disini sentiasa senyum...dan beri perkhidmatan yg terbaik kdp cust....dlm masa yg sama kebersihan restorant sentiasa dijaga....sbb sblum ni sya x percaya mcdonald merupakn restorant mknn yg no1 terbersih...sbb sya jrng mkn di mcd...dah lama sya x mkn di mcd...tpi skrang sya rasa mcd adalah tmpat yg selesa dan sntiasa mnjaga kebersihan...selama 2 jam lbih sya berada di mcd ini....dan perhatikan pengurus dan pekerja ceria...bekerjasama...dan saya x kan rasa suasana ceria mcd disini ditempat lain....saya harap restoran mcd yg lain dpt mencontohi mcd ini....sampaikan salam saya pada pengurus perempuan yg sangat pemurah dengan senyuman...dan pekerja yg bekerja pada hari itu sangat ceria...x rugi saya dtg mcd pada kalini walaupun harga mkann agak mhl tpi kemudahan dn lyanan yg dberikan sangat baik...

Dear Store Manager & team,

Well done in providing a welcoming, clean & comfortable experience. Keep up the good job & keep it going!

Best regards,
Leonard M. W. WongCorporate Communications Department

Feb 17, 2009

Compliments From Customer - Sunshine SQ

Name : shafa zahirahAge : 31Address : gelugor..penangTown/City : pulau pinangPoscode : 11700State : pulau pinangContact No. : Email : Restaurant : sunshine square
Feedback : hai semua....pada 17 feb 2009 saya telah pergi ke restauran mc donald's sunshine square pada pukul 12.40 tgh hari.pada masa tersebut pelanggan begitu ramai sekali.saya telah membawa anak saya bersama.satu perkara yang tidak di sangka telah berlaku....hidung anak saya telah berdarah..saya agak panik...tetapi tanpa segan silu seorang meneger bernama MOHD FARID telah datang dan menolong untuk membersihkan hidung anak saya.saya merasakan sifat ini lah yang perlu ada pada setiap ahli mc donald's...saya berasa amat terhutang budi dengan beliau...saya akan sentiasa mengunjungi mc donald's sunshine square.

Dear Mohd Farid,
Well done in your quick actions & also exceeding customer's expectations. Keep up the good job & keep it going!
Best regards,Leonard M. W. Wong
Corporate Communications Department
Tel : 603 7843 3388 (ext 3238)Fax : 603 7843 3389H/P : 017 691 8388email : leonard.wong@my.mcd.com

Feb 16, 2009

Team Rewards - Bowling & Movie

GREETINGS to Everyone, Our latest store event! Bowling & Movie.With Outstanding store performance last November (Peak Hours Winner) & December (Met Stretch Plan) we managed to recognize the hard work for the whole team with these GREAT get together!

This time round, our “Mystery Activities” was held on Monday 16/02/09 from 11am to 4pm at Megamall Penang.

The managers and crew were given a chance to compete in Bowling. Each team was equally represented with manager, CL, new and senior crew.

All of us were very excited with the games play and tried our best to score.
Incredibility, our VIP Mummy Nabisa managed to strike twice even though playing for the first time.

The winning teams for the competition are:
1. ROJAK TONGGEK – Khairul Team
2. GEDIK – Ros K Team
3. AMBOI-AMBOI – Izmar Team

After that, we take a break and lunch at the food court. At 2.45pm #181 team gather at the cinema and queue up for pop corns, cokes and sausages. Guest what…the movie ‘EDEN LAKE’ was full with blood, violence and cruelity. Most of us scream our hearts out.

Here are some comments from the judges:
1. Ruhaizi – ngeri la..tak boleh tidur!
2. Aizul – takde perasan langsung, kejam tapi ending tak memuaskan!
3. Nazatul – Ana nak termuntah dah, hampir pitam eeeee….
4. Mummy Nabisa – Ganas, Geli… Tapi apa endingnya???
5. Mastura – Saya under age… Movie tak sensored

Overall, our mission to make all the crew happy and motivated was a successful one!
Thanks to Yuhana, Murugan, Joanne and others who helped to organised these activities…

Feb 15, 2009

Grand Opening - McD Teluk Intan DT

One for the Album! Crowding (supposed to be queue-ing) at Games Booths
We told everyone! Registration for Coloring Contest
Great response for Coloring Contest - they sure can color!
Aren't these Taekwondo champs so so cute ?!
Don't think I can do this!
The Warisan Budaya dancers Customers celebrating with us
Ronald successfully making kids Happy :)
The supportive Crowd!
Our very own Dee-jay Joe .... much improved !
Urumi Mhelam
Aren't they lovely ?
Lay Yong always looking for a challenge !!!
WOW, right ? Popular photography backdrop in the HOT sun!
Look what the lion unfurled !
The Bomba bus became a perfect backdrop for the lion dance drummers
Ronald got a red packet and 2 oranges :)
Whose hair is redder ?!
Chinese 24 Drums
Our friendly Rakan COP
Perak mini market Adun-OC with our two VIP guests
Ronald .... flower girls, kompang, ardent fans ...WOW!
I have no idea what Azahar was doing beside the plant ;)
Pretty maids all in a row
Our Kompang Friends
How to eat lah ... confetti cake
All the way to McD ... from Bidor

Greetings from the home of the Menara Condong ... Teluk Intan!

Once again, against all odds, we pulled off a Grander-than-Grand Opening for Teluk Intan DT today !

The day was so packed with activities that it was just a fun-tastic,carnival-like memorable event! With a coloring contest that saw very good response, cultural dances, kids' performances, taekwondo kids (would you believe they are SO cute!), lion dance, kompang, urumi (that's the Indian drums) and Chinese 24-drums .... it was a truly muhibbah community happening!
Special thanks to my Northern Dream Team which turned up to support,have fun and makan-makan as usual.

Not forgetting the management team of this store under the capable leadership of D'zul,Safna and Fuad - thanks for the thorough planning and Perfect 10 Execution. Store operations have also shown improvement since our opening in Dec 08 when all our crew were rookies. This was evident from the much smoother shift preparation,planning and execution throughout the day - Well Done!

Thank you Jeffrey,May Yin,David,Andrew,KC, Roy, Freddie, Murali, Daniel OC,Sarala,Tarita and Tamizi for joining us on this happy occasion.

Last but definitely not least, this grand event with such pomp and grandeur would not have been possible without Kartina's dedication,planning and execution.

If you are ever headed north, you are welcome to visit us any time !

Message from Jeffrey

Hi Melanie, Teluk Intan and The Northern Team,

Once again, Congratulations to a Successful Grand Opening of Teluk Intan. We had a Great Time in this wonderful event and I am very pleased and proud of all your Team's hard work and effort.

It is also a great eye opener for some of the OMs and OCs who has taken time to be part of your Grand Opening. I am sure they have witnessed one of the Best Grand Opening and seeing is believing. Let's keep the spirits of sharing Best Practices among us and I am proud to be part of this wonderful team!

I am also very impressed with your 9 pieces of luminous directional signs starting from the exit of North South Highway of Bidur to Teluk Intan store. I am sure this will help those potential customers who have yet visited our Teluk Intan store to savior our Big Mac. Great job! This I am sure our all OMs and OCs have taken note.

By the way, attached is a couple of picture taken and wishing Teluk Intan More GCs, More Sales and Higher Profits!

Cheers and Thank You All