Jul 24, 2008

Crew Picnic - McD Sri Manjung DT

We had our crew picnic this year at Lost World of Tambun. Actually the picnic should have been done last month but the schedule was so so busy because of the MFY conversion for the store so we decided to do it in July.Actually July also bz lor..so if wait until no bz ... then next year lah .. hahaha ! Everyone was very excited and we travelled to Ipoh by bus .. sorry no pic for the bus .. everyone must know la the bus :)~ .We arrived at 12.30pm and had lunch first (menu : nasi tomato,ayam masak merah etc etc) before entering the park. No games were arranged for the picnic because the theme park had lots of games so FREE and EASY lah ! They really enjoyed so much and we departed back to Manjung at 5pm.Hope next year we go to other nice place (depends on budget :) See you next year's picnic !

Jul 19, 2008

Mid Year OC / TC Meet

Destination : Swiss-Garden Damai Laut for our Mid Year OC / TC Meet!

First thing on the agenda after lunch on 17/7 was Paintball Challenge and Mini Eco Challenge. This time round, the Challenge was won by 24 Hours Team!

A yummy seafood dinner later, we went practising our singing,laughing and shouting skills in the karaoke (named The Nineteenth ... funny name for a Karaoke but then,this is a golf resort mah)

Next day, meeting time .... serious for a while then brainstorming session. The winning team got free spa treatment worth RM250 for each team member at the Samsara Spa!

We also tied with HQ at Beach Soccer (HQ vs Operations 1:1). Check out Dzul,Azmir and Jeffrey!

Once the sun went down, we were chilling out at the Lounge - enjoying the live band and of course, each other's company. I wanted to take a picture of Charles and HIS company (ahem) but forgot my camera la ...

With a renewed enthusiasm to come back and optimize our SOI, we went to the Turtle Sanctuary and Sri Manjung store for new product training before heading for home.

Oh, and somehow a Durian Party happened in the carpark at the back !!! (Check out Felina and gang from KL enjoying the King of Fruits!)

Some photos here contributed by Sue-Ann,Felina & Acai-thanks!

Till the next meeting then :)

Jul 15, 2008

Crew Meeting - McD Caltex Sunway

Siang jadi Malam, Malam jadi Siang… Pada malam ini kami telah mengadakan crew meeting dan dengan bangganya OC kami turut serta menghadiri meeting ini dengan “MATA PANDA”… Updates,(Widen The Gap), games, nasi ayam dan terpenting - Commitment survey 2008 telah diselesaikan. Yang tidak tertinggal, sesi photografi dikepalai oleh Abg Rafi. Walaupun lewat krew-krew tetap bersemangat sampai akhir meeting. Semoga berjumpa lagi di NEXT QUARTER!

Jul 11, 2008

Management Farewell Dinner - Juru DT

Management Team Farewell Dinner Juru DT @ Manhattan Fish Market (Auto-City)
July 9, 2008
This dinner was also joined by our CL’s…ALL ARE GOOD AT FOOD …
Shameless like all hungry ghosts… Nothing left over except hot-pans and plates,folks and knives … Proud to say: Worth our money and great dinner for all of us great food lovers. This was good opportunity that we can taste other food other than burgers & fries everyday…
Huh... Huh... Yum…Yum… Lobster, Fish & Chips, Squid Rings and also creamy clams made our stomachs as full as balloon fish.
Besides, we were treated to nice desserts - Manhattan Mud Pie, Tuscan Tiramisu and Ice-Cream … (Farah's just promoted to Second Asst Mgr - got to belanja lo ... Thanks Farah! )
This farewell dinner is specially to say GOOD BYE to our 3 lovely management buddies … BYE BYE Lay Yong @ Mickey, Hariza @ Harris & Rodzi @ Abg.Rod…… we are gonna miss u buddies! Bon voyage...Our sweet memories will remain 4ever…

Jul 9, 2008

Crew Olympic - Track and Field

Pada 9 Julai 2008,bertempat di Sekolah Sukan Westlands telah diadakan pemilihan peserta untuk mewakili kawasan Pengurus Operasi Melanie Lim.Ia melibatkan Hong Chin area,Eng Chew area dan juga Elena area. Pada peringkat saringan ini peserta-peserta yang layak akan bertanding di Stadium Bukit Jalil pada 9/08/08.Banyak acara yang dipertandingkan antaranya ialah 100 meter lelaki dan wanita, 200 meter lelaki dan wanita,110 lari berpagar,4x100 meter lelaki dan wanita, lompat jauh dan lompat tinggi. Acara-acara ini telah disertai oleh crew-crew dan manager-manager McDonald's sendiri .Selain itu Mcdonalds juga telah menwujudkan pasukan sorak untuk kejohanan ini untuk memberi semangat kesukanan kepada semua atlet yang terlibat.