Mar 22, 2008

Grand Opening - McD Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

Pada 22 Mac,2008 yang lalu, McD JSAS telah meraikan Majlis Pembukaan Rasmi. Majlis bermula seawal jam 8 pagi dengan Rutin Aerobik Salsa dan Karnival Pameran sebanyak 11 khemah.

Tepat pukul 9.30 pagi,majlis bertambah meriah dengan ketibaan Ronald McDonald diiringi dengan paluan kompang dan disambut oleh semua kakitangan stor JSAS. Ronald kemudian melepaskan belon ke udara menandakan bermulanya upacara kemuncak “GRAND OPENING”. Ronald juga telah menandatangani Guest Book sebelum memotong riben di pintu masuk restoran.

Pelbagai persembahan telah disediakan ... Silat,Cultural Dance,Peraduan Mewarna,Tarian dari 5 buah tadika,Yamaha Musical Orchestra,Hip Hop Showcase dan diikuti dengan Ronald Showtime .. Pada masa yang sama,kami juga megadakan Roadshow Birthday Party dan RMKC.

Di dalam restoran, aktiviti pemeriksaan Kesihatan dan menderma darah dilaksanakan secara percuma oleh kakitangan Hospital Batu Gajah.

Pihak Pengurusan ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih di atas sokongan yang diberikan oleh OM Melanie,Kartina,OC Elena,Eng Chew,Hong Chin,Azemah serta Pengurus Restoran yang datang bersama-sama ke Perak untuk menjayakan and memeriahkan lagi Majlis Grand Opening ini.

Mar 20, 2008

Crew Olympic Challenge - Market Finals

20th March 2008, in the excitement of participating in the Crew Olympic Challenge Market Finals, we set off for McD Equine Park. Each of the 6 Profit Centers had sent their best 2 crew and 1 manager for the Moment of Truth!

Representing Mel's PC were :




Many activities were conducted for supporters such as Hot Ham competition, Lucky Draw and Karaoke.

We sent our own teams for Hot Ham too!

The winner received RM1000, 1 set of Adidas sports attire and a trip to Beijing Olympics!

Even though we did not win, we felt very proud that we reached this far (in the Competition lah ... not to McD Equine Park from Northern ... hehe).

Well, we are still Champions anyway … THANK YOU to all our supporters !

Mar 14, 2008

Convention in Shanghai!

This year's SM Convention was held in China - destination Shanghai.After Parcel Meeting held in KL, almost everyone packed Maggi Mee and off we went to Shanghai.

Everyone was wearing thick jacket,ala ala want to go to Switzerland but oops! Landed at Shanghai la, the weather was not as cold as Beijing.

Anyway, we were all happy, with lots of attractive places to see! The food ok la, same same everyday Lunch & Dinner. That's why Maggi Mee is needed at this time of crisis. HeHe! Feedback laa..

As usual, Northern Team bring along our own money lender or Along. That is Teh An Nee or her nickname is Teh Ah Long will tolong! So if anybody shop till drop & no more money, she's here to assist!

The result ? Everybody is happy ... out of M'sia ma :) This convention has motivated us to work harder to achieve company's goals & targets.

Who knows next year we may go to Middle East ... not wearing fur coat of course Hehehe!

Go for Gold!!!

Oh! One more thing .... Elena won Outstanding OC Award - Well Done,El! Way to Go ... :)

Mar 12, 2008


Supposedly the Venice of the East ;) ... I think the water is JUST as dirty and the scenery cannot be compared as they are in two different parts of the world ! but it was nice ... we were even entertained by performers of Chinese musical instruments on 'board'!

Mar 11, 2008

Quarterly Parcel - Q2

If you think McDonald's Managers only know how to sell burgers ... you are wrong, dude ...

The recent Quarterly Parcel held in Mas Academy KL shows that our managers have loads of hidden talents!

Apart from selling burgers, they can be Cheerleaders or what some call Pom Pom Gals! We even named ourselves Northern Dream Team!

Everybody dreamed to be part of the Pom Pom Girls but too bad, all came in different sizes and body shapes. So, some sure kena reject la .... of course ;)

As the Parcel Meet was a day after Election Day, with the Heat still on .... the Northern contingent brought along state flags,(not political parties flags) and made many politic jokes that day. (But actually kami dah plan from much earlier ...)

We were the loudest and the most outstanding team! (that's what we think la) Hehehehee! And our green shirt was so popular that others were asking for it ! (Ahem)

This time,we had a breakout session after lunch where we did some brainstorming before 'bersurai' ;)

Northern Dream Team Boleh!

So stay tuned to the 2nd Quarterly Parcel .... See you there!

Go for Gold maa...

Mar 10, 2008

Monthly SM Meeting - Titanium Party

In the spirit and excitement of flying to Shanghai for SM Convention,this month's SM Meeting was special and different! We (all Northern SMs and 1st Assts) attended a Special Party at Titanium Super Dance Club on the eve of Quarterly Parcel. Organized of course,by our glamorous sexy SM from Greenlane, Suriani.

She was the only one who dressed to kill, while our OM,OCs,SMs and 1st Assts came in faded jeans and battered sports shoes!

Apa la....Really, these people need to attend more wild parties .... Hehe! Even the staff at the Dance Club joined in the fun and excitement with the Happy-Go-Lucky people from the North. And guess who the chef was that nite? It is not Ratatouiee but our own Malaysian Celebrity Chef Wan's son Riz ..... (More handsome than his papa lah haha)

Everything was wiped out within minutes, this showed how we all appreciate good food,were VERY hungry and were simply ourselves! We also had a cake-cutting and champagne fountain for March Birthday babies! (OK OK - Sparkling juice LAH)

Everyone's feedback is that we should do it more often but next time round we will surely "Dress To Kill" ... ! Janji ....