Jan 22, 2016

COMPLIMENT !! #228 - Senyuman ikhlas dari Batrisyia

WELL DONE and KEEP IT UP - Batrisyia binti Azmi

PTW Meeting on 5th Jan 2016

Ownership / Accountability / Urgency translated Tuan punya / Tanggunjawab / Tindakan pantas – These behaviours are needed from all to make YOU a success! Thank you for your active participations at our 1st 2016 NDT’s PTW. As discussed the way to make the biggest difference and take McDonald’s to the next level is thru Superior Execution. Your leadership is to ensure that everyone is Aligned on what has to be presented in order for us to achieved Running Great Restaurants Do practice 8 Behaviours successful Leaders use to Motivate Staff ( presentation attached for your easy reference ) PEOPLE are our greatest ASSET. Take care of your people and they will take care of your business! Next sharing would be The Discipline of getting Things Done Thank You to all 7 Ipoh restaurants for a great visit. Please continue to do what’s needed as the OCs and I will be coming by on Sunday for a follow-up visit. Late night OTP need more focus. Congratulations to the winners of LVM incentives. Continue to suggest sell LMs ! Our 2016 People and Operations plan is People, QSC & Profit.  People – Strengthening the Foundation 1. Staffing – a. correct ratio for Full Time, Part Time and Foreign labor. b. Quality hiring 2. Retention – a. monthly crew fix salary b. crew enthusiasm calendar 3. Talent Mgmt – a. RDM curriculum b. RDM PDS  QSC – Elevating Service QUALITY 1. Food Safety Focus - a. 100% compliance on Food Safety and all local Authority Regulations b. Hourly Hand wash c. Eliminate cross contamination 2. Not Right, Don’t Serve – a. Train the Trainer session for each major promotion launch b. Not right, Don’t Serve c. Discard all expired products – raw and finished SERVICE - Service Reboot 2.0 a. Crew Incentives b. Pins for Rewards c. Passport Program 1. Customer Service Ambassador - a.Hiring & Training b.100% Executions 2. Genuine Smiles and Greetings - Hai! Selamat datang ke McDonald’s! Boleh saya ambil pesanan or Hi! Welcome to McDonalds! May I take your order please? 3. SSP – a. +2 crew at Peak b. 70% Projection Efficiency c. Execute DSPT CLEANLINESS 1. Daily Cleaning – a. Clear trays, clean & sanitize tables promptly b. Clean lobby and restrooms 2. Pay attention to Details – detail cleanliness i.e air vents, equipment wheels, signage etc.  Profit – Optimizing Restaurant PnL 1. Grow Market Share – Max The Peak Go Large & Go Dessert 2. Improve Efficiencies thru Effective Travel Paths Folks, do take some time to follow thru with your management team on our 2016 Goals - Running Great Restaurants. And calibrate with your OCs and I, if anything is still unclear. Before I end, thank you for your hard work and contributions to the system. Hope you enjoyed your 1st PTW . . . Much thanks to the OC team for making this meet a successful one….