May 28, 2008

LSM Seminar

Here is the Northern Dream Team in action again – this time as participants at the Local Store Marketing Seminar. (Genting Convention Center 26/5/08 - 28/5/08)

The food was great and the weather not that cold. Some of us had casino luck, others contributed to the Genting Group employee bonus, some of us went for a movie and some just went shopping!

It was interesting to learn about Changing of Mindset (by Focus Learning), Presence Marketing,SBU (Strategic Business Unit),Competitor Action Plan (well done, Sunway Pyramid!) and also how to develop an Effective LSM plan.

At the beginning of each day,we had mini ‘races’ which saw everyone ‘winning’ a nice LSM Seminar lapel pin!

One of the dinners was also a farewell ceremony for Kim who would be retiring soon. It was also on the last day that Charles announced the promotion of An Nee (SM #181 Caltex Sunway DT) and D’zul (SM Jalan Gopeng DT) to OCs, relocating to KL! Well done, An Nee and D’zul! Even though we are sad to see you leave our beloved Team, we are also very happy and proud of you both! Congratulations!!!!!!

Till the next seminar then, boys and girls :)

May 25, 2008

Salina's Married!

Tanggal 24 Mei 2008 adalah detik bersejarah bagi Cik Salina Mohamed (SM Desa U) yang kini telah bergelar ‘Puan’. Beliau telah di ijab kabulkan degan jejaka pilihan hatinya Mohd. Faizuri bertempat di kediaman rasminya Kg. Rawa bertemakan ‘kehijauan’. Majlis ini telah berlangsung begitu meriahnya dengan kehadiran sanak saudara serta sahabat handai terutamanya warga McD. Walaupun masing-masing sibuk dengan tugas namun Store Manager² sempat singgah sebentar untuk meraikan pasangan mempelai ini. Tidak lupa juga OC iaitu Hong Chin, Eng Chew, Store Manager dan manager-manager dari Pulau Pinang turut meluangkan masa untuk hadir ke majlis ini. Kami semua mendoakan agar jodoh kedua-dua mempelai berkekalan selamanya. SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU YERRR!!!!

Champion Kids Penang

In line with our continuous commitment towards promoting a Balanced, Active lifestyles, we are proud to present the global McDonald’s Champion Kids program where we celebrate the Champion in every child. This program is also in celebration of our-term partnership with the International Olympic Committee as the Official Partner. Thus, we are looking for three children to represent Malaysia at the 2008 Olympic Games and each child will be accompanied by his/her parent.On 25th May, at Methodist Boy’s School was the venue for the McDonald’s Champion Kids Challenge. About 200 kids turned in full spirits and excitement. Each participant received a goodie bag,compliments from McDonald’s. Our CSM & Stars gave full support on that day at the pitch.

They were divided into 3 categories for ages 7-9 years, 10-12 years and 13-14 years. The main challenge was the marathon to test the child’s physical strength. Only the next top 20 participants will proceed to the next challenge – a simple Sports Quiz and the last challenge was an Oral Recitation to test the child’s verbal skill. The child with the highest points from each category were declared as the winners for the Penang challenge .... making that 3 finalists from Penang. A panel of judges will decide on who the lucky kids are ! Good luck to the Penang finalists and great job everyone especially Suria,Jessica,Fatin,Lorna,Fuad,Rohana - #25, Joanne,Yuhana - #181, Esther - #212, Suriati - #216, Nasrol - #174, Ajeera - #21, Pinky - #37 and SMs Lin & Safna!

May 21, 2008

Crew Enthusiasm Activity - McD Juru DT

IRON MAN @ GSC Sunway Carnival
21st May 2008- 4:10pm

On this day, WE the team from McD Juru DT had a Great Date with IRON MAN!
1 cinema ,48 of us, 48 coke and 48 POP corn with man in IRON suit. (no POP corn for him,Hahaha!)

Actually… I'M THE IRON MAN!

May 20, 2008

Management Dinner - McD Greenlane

On 20th May 2008,we,the management team from Greenlane went for dinner at Gurney Hotel. We celebrated for about 2 hours. This dinner was given for good mystery shopper results and team building. The theme of the buffet was Western Style. All of us enjoyed the dinner and can't wait till the next one ...... Go for Gold!

May 18, 2008

Large Order - Mas Kargo Amazing Hunt

Sunshine Square telah bekerjasama dengan Mas Kargo semasa Pertandingan Treasure Hunt yang dianjurkan oleh syarikat mereka. Stor kami menjadi Pit Stop ke-3 !

Kami telah membuat persiapan seawal 6 pagi dan menanti ketibaan mereka lebih kurang pada jam 9.30am. Peserta diberi soalan "The World's Favorite Breakfast" dan cluenya adalah "i'm lovin' it".

Peserta yang datang diberi hidangan McDonald's yang lazat iaitu 1 Filet, 1 Sausage McMuffin, 1 pilihan Apple atau Banana Pie dan minuman kopi, teh atau Milo. Jumlah Sales kami adalah RM5342.52!

Kru-kru dan manager yang menjayakan Large Order ini amat terhibur dengan aksi-aksi dan gelagat peserta yang bertanding dan amat berharap dapat bekerjasama dengan mereka lagi pada masa akan datang.

Para peserta juga sangat gembira dan puashati dengan sambutan dari kami sambil menyanyi "ba da ba ba ba ... i'm lovin' it" ! Komiti Treasure Hunt tersebut Cik Melinda (Mgr Mas Kargo) pun jadi regular customer restoran kita dan kawan baik kepada Samantha (SM kita yang friendly sekali). Tidak lupa untuk Add-On sales lagi, kita juga sediakan counter di depan store untuk menjual mineral water.

Ribuan terima kasih kepada restoran-restoran di Pulau Pinang yang sanggup menolong kami dari segi Products, mereka dengan murah hati mampu transfer English Muffin kepada kita.

Nasib baik tak minta kongsi Sales dengan mereka ... haha !

May 17, 2008

Management Dinner - McD Gurney Plaza & Midlands

Yay!!! We went for management dinner again ! This is for 2nd quarter ... but make sure we produce results first...go for gold...perfect 10 execution .... what else ? Don't forget Mystery Shopper la ..a..a..!!!!

This time #158 McD Gurney Plaza combined with #66 McD Midlands. Ok loh...ramai2 baru syok! We went to Seoul Garden, Gurney Plaza ... hehehe ... dekat je ; we don't want to waste time ... boleh enjoy lama sikit, jimat petrol etc....(actually, we don't know where to go ... haha)

We shop till drop...oops! we ate till drop:) This place is suitable for people who really enjoy eating ... pay one time and you can eat whatever your stomach can accept! But warning for those who are allergic to seafood .... our dearest SM Raymond, don't get close to shrimp! But don't worry for those with allergy to seafood, they still have chicken and beef ;)

We ate until everybody surrendered, then we continued our dinner at Coffee Bean ... hmmm...most of our stomachs can expand one (just like stocking!!) ... don’t worry!

We had a very great dinner!!! For everybody, this is a sweet time since not always we can sit together and eat. So, no matter what we eat and no matter where we go.....being together is the greatest one ...... looking forward to our 3rd qtr dinner!

May 16, 2008

Adee's Married!

OK everyone,isn't Adee lovely lovely lovely ?

Chee Beng, Nicholas, Eng Chew, Hong Chin, Lay Yong,Raymond and Ah Aun (aka OPA) would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Chipphromsuwan (better known as Adee to all of us LAH!) who invited us to her wedding dinner on the 15th May 2008. It was a very special joyous occasion where most of the invited guests were Thais! Even though we did not understand what they were all saying (hahaha!!!), we still enjoyed ourselves as the food was simply 'arroy' ! (Delicious ahem!) Everyone (except us lah) were very happy hugging one another,dancing and singing happily together!

Congratulations again,Adee ! And Kop Khun Kha ! (Salina,mana Puan punya gambar?)

May 15, 2008

Our very own Heroine - McD Greenlane

Siti Marina Froehlich, a Special Crew at McD Greenlane, represented Penang in Swimming at the 14th National Paralympics Competition held in Kuala Lumpur from 3rd to 9th May 2008.

She won gold medals in all the 4 events which she took part in namely 100m breast stroke,50m breast stroke,100m free style and 50m free style.Marina has been taking part in Paralympics Competition since 2002 and won numerous medals representing Penang and Malaysia during the Fespic Games 2006.

Greenlane has been very supportive all this while of the activities Marina participates in.

Congratulations and Well Done, Marina!

May 14, 2008

Mother's Day #25

Mother plays a main role in every family. On 13th of May 2008, at 6:00pm.McDonald’s Greenlane host a “Card Frame Designing Contest “ for all the lovely and caring mums. Even though the event is plan very last minutes, we still managed to get 6 kids participate.

The mothers who accompanied their children were very happy to look at their children’s design of Card Frame.

We gave out 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes to the top 3 winner, for the rest we also gave out the goody bags for them to bring home as a remembarance where they had fun at McDonald’s Greenlane.

Both parents and children wish for the same event for the Father’s Day!

May 12, 2008

Shift Into Overdrive Workshop

Shift Into Overdrive (SIO) workshop for Hong Chin’s area and Greenlane was held on 12 May 2008 at McD Greenlane from 8 am to 6 pm. The presenters for the workshop were Wati, Soo Cheng (PC trainer), Jon, Salina and Chee Keat. A total of 17 managers from store #54, #93, #97, #150, #190, #208 and #25 attended.

SIO is all about improving every shift. The goal for SIO is to continue building on the foundations of the shift management. It is like spring training, where we get recharged in the basics. At the beginning of the class, we played a cup-stacking game. The objective is all about speed and accuracy that improves with practice and repetition.

We covered different parts of the shift: pre shift, managing the shift and post shift. We also practised ‘making the connection’ with the customer and crew,delivering i’m loving it service and customer recovery process. Besides that, we also discovered the critical role of production in a shift and how to improve production management.

Lastly, each manager received a certificate and took a group photo with OM.