Oct 26, 2009

Compliments from Sunshine Sq Customer

Age : 26
Town/City : BAYAN BARU
Poscode : 11700
Contact No. : 0124467092
Email : asz_aries84@yahoo.com
Feedback : i;ve go to mcd sunshine square to have my breakfast on 24.10.2009 aroung 9a.m....wow it's was a very happy n enjoy morning...i'm very proud of the team bcoz they make my mood very good.smile to me.greeting me like a best friend.....hahaha i enjoy to have breakfast at mcd sunshine square....very amazing guys...i will come again....

Oct 23, 2009

Compliments fr Sunshine SQ Customer

Name : sean yeap
Age : 40
Address : plot 78 lebuhraya kg jawa
Town/City : georgetown
Poscode : 11900
State : penang
Contact No. : 0174782043
Email : sean_yeap@konway.com.my
Restaurant : sunshine square penang
Feedback : The manager in charge and the lady at front counter in the morning shift are very friendly and courteous. Friendly greeting and smiles are always their priority.

Oct 17, 2009

Coke Glass Challenge

We have result updates for none other than the SUGGEST COKE GLASS MEAL COMPETITION!

With a Grand Prize of RM15,000 for the winning patch, everyone should be working OVERTIME and pushing the Coke Glass Meals!

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, the competition is judged based on the ratio between your Coke Glass Meals & Total Large McValue Meals.

The green fee is 70%.

So…for the 1st – 12th of October….

We currently have Melanie’s patch in FIRST PLACE with a ratio of 73.62%! Excellent work from the Northern Team!

In 2nd Place we have Freddie’s patch with a ratio of 63.73%!
Coming in VERY VERY close in 3rd Place is Yusnizah’s patch with a ratio of 63.28%!

Coming in VERY VERY close in 3rd Place is Yusnizah’s patch with a ratio of 63.28%.
Only 0.45% separates these 2, so it’s a VERY CLOSE BATTLE!

However, please note that the Green Fees for the competition is 70%, so if both teams fail to achieve that target, neither will not be eligible for the 2nd place prize money…which is a whopping RM10,000.

Please refer to the attached excel file for your stores performance and identify the areas of opportunity where you can improve to help your patch win!

Remember, for each Large Meal that you sell that IS NOT a Coke Glass Meal, your ratio drops.

So make sure each Large meal is traded up to a Coke Glass Meal!

Oct 1, 2009

CoKe GlaSs Promotion!

ConGraTuLaTionS! For Great TeamWork & Team EfforT!

The Northern stores have proven this by achieving 75% in the first week!
Even without incentives, they achieved it!

CONGRATULATIONS and well done to Melanie
And the Northern stores!
Keep up the GREAT work.

For their efforts in pushing the promo since day 1, here’s a special bonus for their efforts &
• RM3,000 CASH to be shared amongst all Northern Stores
• RM50 CASH for each OC
• 1 Limited Edition Coke Glass Collectors Set for OM

So Let’s Finish Strong! More Sales! More Profit!