Aug 31, 2008

National Day Parade

Well, well, well, for the very first time in Northern's history, we took part in the State Merdeka Celebrations! Our very own contingent led by Safna (#174),Zul Jerung (#21) and our proud flag bearers ... Ilme #219 Melvin #25 and Jason #158. Check out our very own contingent proudly marching past the VVIP Grandstand waving to His Excellency Yang di-Pertua Negri of Penang Tun Dato' Seri Utama (Dr.) Haji Abdul Rahman B. Haji Abbas, his consort Toh Puan Majimor Shariff, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng,several elected representatives and their spouses.

News Report (but did not feature us lah ... we are among the private sector organizations mentioned anyway hehe) Here's another News article - enjoy! But our photos better leh ;)

Aug 28, 2008

Quarterly Parcel - Q4

At the Auditorium of Dewan Sri, Kompleks Perbandaran Putrajaya,Precinct 3 on 28th Aug, DRUM ROLL please …. once again,our Northern Dream Team played to WIN !

And W-I-N we did - the McChant Challenge .... and with integrity too which makes me the proudest of all :) It was a fantastic showcasing of our face-painting,hair-designing,make-up,cheering and clapping skills!

Boys’ faces were painted a bright green zig-zag lightning design with a green shimmering bandana while we girls had a little glitter star each on our left cheeks and a ribbon in our hair! Lots of ribbons on our wrists and not forgetting our Team green T-shirt and track pants.

More importantly, it was a fantastic display of unity and a classic example of "If you think you can, you can!" Just a day before, we were all rehearsing desperately with many among us frustrated for various reasons ... some think they are too old to learn to synchronize their mouths and hands (yeah,can you imagine?!) ... some were wondering why we were putting ourselves thru this ... some must have been thinking 'aiya,so last minute again' ... some even tried to hide at the back !

But at the end of the day - with less than 6 total hours of practice - we as a Team put on a great show that would have had NO ONE believing that we had had so little practice time!

So ... Congratulations to all of us ! Go ..o..o... o...o Northern!

By the way,Azmir pulled off a drum show with Heads of Dept leading the floor in the Company Cheers and if I may say so,he did a splendid job on the drums! Of course, we did great too for the Company Cheers that we hardly had time to learn hehehe …

I must not forget to say a Special thanks to Kartina for her dedication and commitment in rising to this challenge & captaining our team to Cheer for Gold once again ... Well Done!

As for everyone else, thank you for sacrificing your sleep,putting up with me and my high expectations,spending your time secretly practising at home,in your rooms, in the coach,the coffee house,following the dress code and ultimately, not letting the team down ... Thank You!

By the way, we got Green Nail Polish but totally forgot about it ... anyone wants to buy for Charity ?!