Mar 7, 2011

Presidents' Award

                        Well done our beloved OM, we are proud of you !
The Presidents' Award is an individual award that recognizes the outsanding achievement of the top 1% of global staff employees. This award celebrates individuals who exemplify McDonald's values and continuously contribute to the Plan to Win.
Melanie's career with McDonald's has spanned 23 years, starting as crew in 1986 to her current position as Operations Manager of 28 stores in Northern Malaysia.
In 2010, Melanie strategized, coached and motivated her team to achieve restuls in sales, people, QSC and profits. Her region achieved 19.36% comp sales and 13.95% comp GCs. Her profit centre sales were 10% above plan, and her profit centre achieved 193% of SOI plan, which was +34% vs. 2009. With regards to people, the Northern Dream Team Crew and Manager Turnover was 60.7% and 5.7% respectively, compared to market of 80.1% and 12.4%, her Managers achieved 6 Best Contributor Awards form the past 14 BSM and ASM classes and her crew and Manager engagement scores are 97.95% and 99.32% respectively, compared to market of 97.57% and 99.12%. In 2010, her team opened 3 new stores which were the top 3 highest first-day sales of the 16 new stores we opened
Melanie was the first OM to create a profit centre identity and blog. Her "Northern Dream Team" identity has achieved much Team Work and Team Spirit. With Melanie's leadership, McDonald's became the first QSR in Penang to comply with the Penang State Government's environmental campaign of "No Plastic Bag Day" by working closely with the Chief Minister's Office, Supply Chain and RSG.
Congratulations Melanie!!

Mar 6, 2011

Ekspo Kerjaya & Pendidikan ke-10 (Ekspen)

From 4th to 6th March, we were proud to be one of 49 companies that participated in a 3-day Ekspo Kerjaya & Pendidikan (Ekspen), organized by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).
Our goal was to conduct hiring for Trainee Floor Managers (TFM) and this event was just the right one as most of the visitors were final year students of USM.
Our booth was nicely decorated with posters and banners that gave visitors an idea about work and fun in McDonald's. We also gave out leaflets on a career path in McDonald's.
In total,we received 68 applicants & 12 of them will participate in an OJE program in March.
Overall, it was a good experience ! We managed to build relationships and collected an 'inventory' of under-graduates who can only work with us after they graduate next year.
Thanks to Chong Beng,all OCs and SMs who took time out to help at our booth !