Dec 25, 2010

Christmas PB +TY Bear Meal. @ Caltex Prai.

Pada 25.12.10 bermula jam 6pm sehingga 12 pm restoran Caltex Sunway Prai mengadakan penjualan set Large Prosperity Burger + Sundae + TY Bear dengan harga RM22 nett.Setiap Counter Crew diminta untuk mencadang jualkan set pakage ini kepada setiap pelanggan yang datang.Star dan CSM memainkan peranan yang penting dalam mencadangkan kepada pelanggan yang mula datang dan pada pelanggan yang beratur dengan berpandukan poster yang disediakan.Target yang diberikan adalah sebanyak 50 set , tetapi kami berjaya menjual sebanyak 59 set.Ramai pelanggan yang datang adalah dari golongan remaja dan keluarga.Pelanggan yang datang memberikan tindak balas yang amat menggalakkan dan berharap penjualan seperti ini akan diteruskan pada setiap tahun dan berharap akan diadakan  pada perayaan yang lain juga.

Dec 20, 2010

Elena's Farewell Party

Dear All,
It is with much appreciation that I would like to thank all of you at the bottom of my heart for all the kind words and recognition showered on me during my farewell party on the 20th December 2010. And also for the present that you have contributed as a parting gift for me. I'm really touched beyond words. I will always keep it near my heart. Thank you for the teamwork and support that you have given me over the past years too.
"None of US is as Good as all of US! "
And for those of you that I've managed to touched, be it in your career life or personal life, I wished that you will do the same for others around you. Think Positive & Stay Positive at all times!
For my OCs, thank you for the teamwork and support that you have showed during our working time together. I believed this kind of working relationships don't just come overnight. Thank you for the contribution to my learning too. (on how to handle each of you individually)
Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my beloved Boss, Mel for helping me through out my career life especially in teaching me all the tactics on how to handle many many different situations that I faced throughout the years. How to politically speak and how act in many different ways to different situations. How to write meaningful and powerful emails, and many, many more. With your much advice, I've grown to become a better person. (was not able to say all this as I know I will be crying buckets of tears, hehehe)
And as for all the gifts, I know Mel, you are the ONE who thought of it. Trust you to get the right gifts for anyone. It is really appropriate, the suitcase for my jet setting future and a chain for my cross that I nearly wanted to purchased. Hmmmm, words cannot explain. And you know what, looking at all those flashback of sweet memories of our pictures together makes me realized that was why I'm still working with McD all these years. It was as good as it gets. and still many more to come. Awesome! (thank you, Lay Yong for putting it together, Mel for editing & Hong Chin for some photos)
I'm really going to miss all of you, but I'm still in Penang. I'll be based in Penang, so maybe I'll be in Greenlane's office more often when I'm not in the stores.(hoping with my fingers crossed)
So let's not just say good-byes but say see you again, and every ending has a new beginning.
With this I'm leaving you with this saying "Unless you make a profound changes, your future simply presents you with more of what you have been experiencing in the past." by Robin Sharma
All of you are simply Awesome!
El @

Dec 11, 2010

Pembukaan Rasmi Mcdonalds Pandu Lalu Kampar #255

Meriah…itulah kata-kata yang dapat digambarkan pada Majlis Pembukkan Rasmi McDonalds Pandu Lalu Kampar.Majlis ini berlangsung pada 12 Disember 2010 dan bermula pada pukul 9.30 pagi dengan ketibaan tetamu kehormat Duta McDonalds,Ronald Mcdonalds dan Pengurus Operasi Kawasan Utara Puan Melanie Lim.Majlis turut dimeriahkan dengan kehadiran Encik Chan Chee Chin Presiden RMHC (Ronald McDonalds House Charity).Selain itu majlis turut mendapat sokongan dari semua Perunding Operasi bahagian Utara dan Pengurus Restoran serta kakitangan Mcdonalds dari kawasan Perak.
Pada majlis ini turut diadakan sumbangan kepada Rumah Anak Yatim Darussakinah sebanyak RM2000.Cek disampaikan oleh Encik Chan Chee Chin kepada Pengerusi Yayasan Anak Yatim Darussakinah iaitu Tuan Haji Sulaiman Bin Haji Hashim.Seramai 10 orang anak yatim berumur di antara 7 sehingga 15 tahun telah hadir memeriahkan majlis.Majlis pemotongan reben telah disempurnakan oleh Ronald dan Puan Melanie Lim.Acara tarian singa menyusul selepas acara pemotongan reben. Pembukaan rasmi ini telah diserikan dengan persembahan dari 3 buah tadika.Pelbagai acara lain turut diadakan pada majlis ini seperti Pertandingan Mewarna,Gerai permainan,Pameran Keselamatan dari Polis Di Raja Malaysia dan Pemeriksaan Kesihatan oleh Klinik Kesihatan Kampar.
Acara kemuncak pada hari tersebut ialah pemotongan kek oleh Pengurus Restoran bersama kesemua Pengurus McDonalds Pandu Lalu Kampar.Acara berakhir pada pukul 1.30 petang.Semoga Mcdonalds Pandu Lalu Kampar terus maju dan memberi keuntungan besar pada pihak syarikat.

Dec 3, 2010

Great Service @ Greenlane

Name : Roger Goh
Age : 21
Address : xx, jalan Air Hitam
Town/City : Air Hitam
Poscode : 11400
State : Penang
Contact No. : 016475xxx
Email :
Restaurant : Greenlane Penang
Feedback : i m so surprise that when i walk in to the mcdonald greenlane.. they greet me so friendly and their service are so fast. i haven been going a mcdonalds that greeting so awesome and treat me like a big family. When i walk in there, the crew open the door for me. they also give a sticker for my son. i like mcd so much! i will always go there for my breakfast, lunch and dinner! i feel so friendly. although when value lunch that time they serve me not that fast, because there are alot customer. the enviroment they not bad too. but some times i no place to have my lunch. anyway i love mcdonald greenlane!

Dec 1, 2010

Farewell Dinner with Mamu @ Evergreen Laurel Hotel

With joyless feeling that Azrul@Mamu had left #25 – Greenlane Family on 1 December 2010 to #228 Penang Airport. Family members had gather for a farewell dinner at Evergreen Lauder Hotel on 14 December 2010. We enjoy the moments as eats, funs and joys…

We value YOU, Your growth and your contribution as Greenlane’s family member.

We are going to MISS U Mamu… All the BEST!!!