Jan 27, 2010

Limited Edition NDT Bag specially for YOU !

Greetings from the Northern Dream Team !

We wish to share our Coke Glass success with all of you so, you will be receiving a limited edition non-woven bag via our friends Junaidah and Tsuey Yoong.

We hope you'll like it and may 2010 bring us all closer together as a Team !

Best Regards,
Melanie @

OCs, we will give you personally during our CNY dinner on 23/2 ;)

Jan 24, 2010

Crew Leader of the Year

Congratulations….congratulations!!!……to Mohd Muzammil Bin Mohamed Mydin from McDonalds Greenlane because has been selected to attend bi-annual McDonald’s Worldwide Owner/Operator Convention in Orlando, Florida this coming April 2010. Mohd Muzammil has been selected from 9 short-listed crew leaders across Malaysia. The selected crew leaders were chosen based on their excellent track record and impressed interpersonal skills. Based on interview session with a selected Panel, Mohd Muzammil was chosen to experience this once-in-a-life time opportunity.
Starting as a crew on 4th January 2006 in McDonald's Greenlane then been promoted as core crew once the company launch the core crew program. After a month, Puan Suriani Othman (Store Manager Greenlane) promoted his become core Crew Leader effective 1st August 2007. He very happy about this position and feel McDonalds value his contribution in company.
For him, as a crew leader its more challenging because he need to be more responsible and professionally in all matter and task that delegated by the manager.He very proud and thankful because entire manager and team of Greenlane always give support and motivation in all matter and situation.
From support, teamwork and motivation, he become more industrious worker and being patient in handling the duty. He also do the best to solve the problem in a professional way. Hopefully this convention will bring more experience and knowledge for him to adapt in life and working days

Jan 19, 2010

Compliments from Customers - Juru Auto City


Feedback : Date:19Jan2010

Today i requested for Bfast Special n Hash Brown (Ala Carte), but the staff at the counter suggested me BFAST MCVALUE MEAL. It was good to accpet a choice provided its a good deal, but at the end i have to spend extra 85cents for the same menu.
Normally the order i make is Bfast Special (RM 4.20) + Hash Brown (ala carte) = Total : RM 7.05 (including tax n service charge)
While the Bfast Mc Value Meal = comes with the same 3 item (Mc Muffin+Coffee+Hash Brown) for RM 7.90 (including tax n service charge)
Either the wise choices is good, or the changes in item or price should be considerate.
Anyway, MD staff are always so cheer to welcome US.....TQ ;-)