Jul 25, 2010

#248 Grand Opening

Compliments from #219 Caltex Farlim's customer

Name : Sin Soon Tuck

Age : 30

Address : D-2-5, Lebuh Relau 2, Taman Desa Relau 1

Town/City : Bayan Lepas

Poscode : 11900

State : Penang

Contact No. : 0124622789

Email : sinsoontuck@yahoo.com

Restaurant : MC Donald Farlim, Penang

Feedback : I was passing around the farlim area yesterday noon. And I saw the Mc D just over there, I recalled i had made a complain regarding the queueing system on the restaurant. Therefore, i have made a decision to "audit' a while for this restaurant again.

Before I enter to the restaurant, I called the manager Mr Tan, he was the one to call me after i made a first complaint few months ago. Mr Tan was there. When I walk in to the restaurant, hmmm... pretty good. No more long queue again. then Mr Tan is there and came to serve me politely.

I look around there and nothing to complain, well organized and cleaned. Just order some and take away the food.

I am the person that take serious on the service of restaurant. If the restaurant make me unhappy, I shoot. While if they have change their attitude and service to positive, i will going to recommend to friend. Here I see the sincere of the management to change some arrangement. This is good.

That's all I would like to comment. Mc D Farlim done well on this. i will let my friend know on this which I have complain to them too.

Jul 13, 2010

New Baby in McD

Welcome! Baby Azfar - #234 SM - Azwan's 3rd child to his family. The baby came to this world on 13th July 2010 weighing 3.64Kg.

Jul 1, 2010

Compliments from #174 Juru DT customer

Name : ong yee wen

Age : 33

Address : kulim square

Town/City : kulim

Poscode : 09600

State : kedah

Contact No. : 0124342288

Email : ongy10@yahoo.com

Restaurant : juru mcdonalds

Feedback : i trully satisfied the servis of this retaurant,coz it really make me fell the diferrent,coz i went there last 2day nite with my family..the staf at there is helpful n very kindess,coz i'm a OKU,alot of thing also i cant do it myself..i went alot of mcdonald's before this,but this the one that hav such a gud caring servis..i'm a regular customer of mcdonald,me n my family really love mcdonals..thx alot that thay hav provide my such a great servis