Mar 28, 2009

Earth Hour Day

McDonald's Caltex Farlim do it's part on Earth Hour Day!!
This is the store event we held during the earth hour day on the 28/03/09. Action speaks louder than words. Eventhough our action is not a big event as other,but we still manage tu pull it off. On that night we manage to increased our Sales and GCs for that particular hour! This event attracted customers to come because they know Mcdonald's against "Gobal Warming". This is a way to show to customer even though we're a Multibillion company,we do have a sense of humanity and compasion.

All it takes is just a lillte self awareness.

Mar 5, 2009

McD Greenlane's Mgmt Dinner

On 5th March, 2009, we the management team from McDonald’s Greenlane together with our lovely Kartina (LSM) went for dinner at Chili’s (western restaurant) at Gurney Plaza. We celebrated for about 3 hours. This dinner is actually to reward our self for all the hard work we contribute to the store and company, SM also take this opportunity to talk about some update for the value lunch promotion that the company having now. All of us were enjoyed the dinner… Mmmmmm…Yummy… What a great food... Thank GOD!!! Ha!!! Ha!!!

After this dinner all the heroin from McDoanld’s Greenlane are recharge to fight for No. 1 in Malaysia. McDonald’s GREENLANE team will be THE BEST forever in all aspect with good teamwork and high spirit, achieve our plan sales (+14%), zero CSO to win every quarterly Drive Challenge and provide excellent QSC standard.

Lastly, ’RACE FOR #1’ to make another perfect 10execution…
Malaysia Boleh… McDonald’s Boleh… McDonald Greenlane LAGI BOLEH… !!!

Mar 2, 2009

Compliments From Customer - Juru DT

Name : Lim keat xue Age : 29Address : KUALA LUMPURTown/City :
KLPoscode : 50100State : KLContact No. : -Email : -
Restaurant : Auto CityFeedback : Thank's.Customer Care Manager Mcd Auto City for help. soft the problem Regarding my order get shap,alwis smile & good service from u.Keep up the good service WELL DONE!!!Fest time i come mcd north get greet service....
Dear Store manager & team,
Well done in maintaining the services provided. Keep up the good job & keep on smiling!
Best regards,
Leonard M. W. Wong
Corporate Communications Department
Tel : 603 7843 3388 (ext 3238)Fax : 603 7843 3389H/P : 017 691 8388email :