Oct 8, 2015

#234 Taiping Sentral Balai Bomba Kamunting

With great anticipation, McDonald’s Taiping Sentral held a GRA activities with the Firefighters Kamunting Station. The event was held on 8th Oct 2015 with the mindset of interacting with the nearby community service. Speech was given by the chairman from the station and miss Mimi Normah as RGM from Taiping Sentral. Food was distributed to the staff and then we were invited to a station and trying out a few activities such as Axel ling, fire pole slide and a ride in the fire engine. We the end the event by thanking the station for it’s generosity and activity

Oct 7, 2015

#174 Juru DT Klinik Kesihatan

Grass Root By McDonald's Juru DT with Klinik Kesihatan at Bukit Minyak on 7th October 2015. This event is to make connection with area community . We are giving away McChicken & 4 pcs McNugget. We then provided with free health check and clinic tour.