Aug 26, 2011

Fun @ Friday_Week 4 (26th Aug)

Fun Friday 60an
Pada 26 Ogos 2011 bermula jam 12pm sehingga 3pm sesi pertama dilakukan aktiviti Fun Friday dimana semua krew menggayakan aksesori yang menarik.Tema untuk McDonald’s Caltex Sunway adalah “Fun 60an”. Tema dan decoration telah menaikan lagi suasana di restoran McD kita.Selesai sesi pertama ,sesi kedua bermula pada jam 6pm sehingga 10pm.Semua gambar decoration,krew dan pihak pengurusan diambil untuk kenangan.
Terima kasih.

Aug 15, 2011

Thank You, NDT!

To my dearest Northern Dream Team,

Even though I knew something was up tonight, I had thought we would be 'berbuka' together and catching up on old times. But true to the tradition of NDT events, it was an AWESOME experience and a very pleasant surprise!

I was very touched that you guys and gals went to so much effort to celebrate my birthday with me and it is especially meaningful because I have not celebrated my birthday in Penang for at least 5 years.

The video was really nice (and not because I was in it .... haha!) and I know without a doubt that it was a Mickey Khoo Production. Thanks Ah Mick!

As for my present and cake, I can only say "Wow, Thank You All Very Very Much" from the bottom of my heart because I cannot find any other words to express my feelings tonight.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories of our perjuangan together as Northern Dream Team and I wish all of you the best in your personal and professional journeys ahead.

We are growing at a very fast pace and on a much bigger playing field, we are actually still playing on the same team - a bigger and more powerful Team Malaysia!

I look forward to more celebrations with all of you and wish each and every one of you meaningful personal achievements and spectacular professional growth. May all your dreams come true!

Once again, Thanks NDT - I will always be proud of you all ... Continue to be Unstoppable under the capable leadership of Elena and your OCs!

(Err, you guys got to wait for Mickey Khoo Production to post photos k!)

Aug 10, 2011

Just Tell Us - David T ( Great service )

Name : David Tew
Age : 39
Address : xxx Jalan Hilir Satu Gerogetown
Town/City : Georegetown
Poscode : 11600
State : Penang
Contact No. : 0175501xxx
Email :
Restaurant : Prangin Mall
Feedback : Very good welcoming environment.I was there nearly 30 minutes,the staff and the managers were greeting and taking care of the customers and my parents and my kids are happy when we visit this outlet.Keep this hard work Mcdonalds